Hallucigenic Mushroom Farm

by veryagudo

Perspective through a key cultivation space.

In a world constantly attacked with an increasing number of images and articles about a changing climate, our anxieties of a nature out of control are triggered. We are forced to learn to embrace the fears of a nature that has reached new levels of unpredictability, drastically changing our world. We are required to reimagining and re-establish our relationship to nature and the inevitability of a changing world. The Hallucigenic Mushroom Farm in Sudureyri (North-western Fjords of Iceland) is a place of escape from this reality. Iceland is where our fears of a nature out of control is most manifest as it is at the precipice of climate change – it is here that we see the world changing in the most immediate way. By watching the melting glaciers or the altering sky palette, the tripping experience allows for a spiritual relationship to the landscape. The farm is a place of vegetation and consumption of the hallucigenic plants that welcomes shamans or other spiritual beings wanting to connect to the landscape at another mystical level. All are encouraged to experience this journey and embrace the fears of our changing world.

Knitting machine tripping space.

Landscape view tripping space.


Diagram showing harvest season, which is during summer.