Royal Re-Formation

by veryagudo

This Project is by Paul Nicholls from Unit 15 at the Bartlett, lead by Nic Clear. I find the project  quite inspiring, how it creates such an imbalance in an area such as Canary Wharf, meticulously ortogonal. The parasite comes together onto the building in such beautifully expressive way, where the narrative is inherent in the structure.


In an age of progressively automated manufacturing and fabrication processes, the Royal Cabinets are an aggressive expression of labour. Assembled from a contractor led design approach, the cabinets draw on highly skilled local craftsmen and artists to produce the fantastical. Staged within the proposed baron ‘facadescape’ of a financially fragile Canary Wharf, the Cabinets are programmatically charged with the loss of yet another great British labour force, Royal Mail.


The film attempts in part to graphically abstract the construction of the Royal Cabinets, In a dream-like labour of love. This abstracted reformation is a metaphor for this labour as well as representing the ‘architecture of pieces’ nature to the project. With the obsession for the object the film focuses on an assemblage of immense intricacy as the material slowly clusters to form the sculptural mail markets. Once formed the focus stays with the object, now in the form of the ornamentally re-branded building parts, before the nocturnal mail markets come to life, transforming into red jewels in the urban cityscape, becoming misplaced curious objects in themselves which have a strange visual balance of fragility and aggression.

<p><a href=”″>ROYAL RE-FORMATION</a> from <a href=”″>Paul Nicholls</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>