Inflatable Architectural Body

by veryagudo

This project by New Yorker Chico MacMurtrie deals with architecture form an art installation standpoint, but I love how he is dealing no differently from anything an architect would deal with. Also he thinks very carefully about the element of technology witch is intrinsic both in art and architecture, and uses an interactive interface to explore continuously changing, human responsive spaces, all while creating an atmosphere and portraying the narrative of the viewer, what the insider feels.


“Premiering at the Machines and Souls exhibition in Madrid is the Inflatable Architectural Body. This new work attempts to further develop the Inflatables technology while creating a new dialogue between man, machine, and architecture. In this work, I am modeling nature on a microscopic, fractal level. It comprises a system of plug-and-play, inflatable, musculoskeletal modules which allow me to design a series of transformative organic structures influenced by the exhibition space. The modular components can be freely connected and rearranged to produce sculptures of varied size, form, complexity and interactive possibility.



The “live” sections of the form are equipped with a simple sensing system that forces the sculpture into action. Your body’s motion in passing through the space functions as a type of force field that pushes the sculptures’ bones away from you as you are sensed, keeping the sculpture at a constant distance from you. Each bone can be selectively animated by the viewers’ movements allowing for endless interactive possibilities. If you are so inclined, your motion enables you to open it up, creating portals in that let you in and close behind you, giving an extremely different vantage point: life from the inside. In this way, the work is influenced by the nature of the environment—the space—as well as by the audience participants, who are engaged both physically and aesthetically with the constantly transforming structure.



Inflatable Architectural Body uses new technologies to continue a long line of work exploring the forms, movements, and interactions that underlie our experience. As a magnification of the cellular world,Inflatable Architectural Body gives us a direct, visceral experience of the kinds of minute geometric constructions that underlie all of life. Because the audience brings the sculpture to life, the piece literalizes the notion that the audience affects the work, and recalls the notion that none of us are bystanders in the natural world. By separating elements such as these from our normal modes of experience, and reimagining them in new bodies and interactions, we hope to gain a new perspective on ourselves and the effects we have on the world around us.” –